My Crash Kit

I try to carry the least amount of stuff possible while I run (electronics notwithstanding). Besides, men’s running clothes tend to have very little pocket space anyway. Here’s what I’ve whittled down into my crash kit, the bare essentials which I carry on every run.

  1. Hospital Card for use if things really get out of hand. A good substitute for the health card, it contains the needed information, should I ever land in the hospital. It’s not as tragic to lose as a health card.
  2. Subway token. Taped to said hospital card, so it doesn’t jangle around. Easy to grab with my frozen, numb, inoperative hands when I bail out of the cold, long run.
  3. Starbucks Card, mini version, with $6 on it. For the extra hot grande sugar-free caramel americano misto, after the cold, long run.
  4. $5 bill, for the Gatorade or snacks I might need during the cold, long run.
  5. $20 bill for the taxi cab, in case I’m out of TTC range when I decide to bail from the cold, long run.
  6. Credit card. Should brunch after the cold, long run exceed $20. Or, for those impulse   running shoe purchases.
  7. Moo mini-cards, since nobody ever carries a pen during runs to jot down contact info.
  8. Large rubber band to hold everything together. And maybe to fling at runners passing me.

My inline skating crash kit is pretty much the same, only with the addition of a small Ikea-sourced allen wrench for those emergency roadside skate repairs.


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